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SMS log in

You must hold a sponsor licence to be able to log into SMS.

If you don't hold a licence or you want to add a route to an existing licence, please use the sponsor application.

To log into SMS, enter your SMS user ID and password. You MUST be an appointed Level 1 or 2 user to access SMS and to use any functions in the system. Misuse of SMS user IDs may lead to action being taken against you.

If you are copying and pasting your user ID and/or password, please ensure that spaces are not included at the end. If you enter an incorrect user ID or password three times, your account will be locked for approximately 20 minutes. If this occurs, you should try again later.

You must have Javascript enabled on your browser and a PDF viewer installed to use some functions in SMS.

You must never share your SMS user ID and/or password with another person. Misuse of SMS user IDs and/or passwords may lead to action being taken against you.

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